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Rahway International Film Festival is exclusively run by a team of dedicated volunteers. Our volunteers give countless hours of time to make Rahway International Film Festival possible. Most are film-lovers or filmmakers themselves and are passionate about sharing the world of film with others. Click here to learn more about who we are and to see all of the volunteers who have helped us through the years!

Interested in becoming a volunteer? Be a part of the team! We are looking for people with an interest in film, event planning, marketing and/or the entertainment industry. Send us an email at and we can find a role for you!


Volunteers for Pre-Event:


Marketing / Social Media -  We need help spreading the word about the festival! Possible responsibilities include:

  • Aid in researching marketing outlets.

  • Assist with social media marketing by consistently posting to RIFF's social media sites.

  • Post to filmmaker, actor, artist blogs, forums, websites, etc.  

  • Help write press releases & media alerts.

You can also do your part by sharing our Facebook posts on your own Facebook.  Word of mouth is our best form of advertisement!

Street Team - We need a devoted team willing to distribute flyers and posters around the local areas such as Westfield, Cranford, Rahway, Edison, Clark, etc.  Visit local shops, restaurants, salons, cafes, etc.

Film Screening Commitee - We need reliable and trusted team members to help assist with screening the hundreds of film submissions we receive each year. Over a span of over a month, members will be given private access to the films and a detailed rating rubric to score them and share notes. Films with the highest scores will be considered Semi-Finalists to be reviewed by the RIFF Festival Directors. Film-related experience, reviewing/writing experience, or a knack for analyzing and critiquing movies is a must!

Volunteers for Weekend of the Event:


Festival Hours (shifts flexible based on your availability):

  • Friday Evening (9/22) = 6:30pm - 10:30pm

  • Saturday (9/23) = 10:15am - 10:45pm

  • Sunday (9/24) = 10:15am - 7:30pm


All volunteers will receive an All-Access Volunteer Badge, free staff t-shirt,

and will gain all-access to all film screenings, seminars and after-party events.

Ticketing/Information Table - We will need a trusted volunteer to sell/collect tickets and assist guests, especially Selected Filmmakers and V.I.P guests. Volunteer will also be available to answer any questions about the festival or schedule, and will be provided a one-page sheet with all FAQs. Volunteer will also encourage attendees to sign up to join our mailing list. If you enjoy meeting new people, this might just be the spot for you!


Merchandise Table - We will need a trustworthy volunteer to help us sell our branded t-shirts inside the venue. Money-management skills a must!


Red Carpet Interviewer - Volunteers will interview filmmakers and guests on the red carpet in front of our backdrop. For interviewing selected filmmakers, volunteer will be provided their films to watch in advance to ask the filmmaker specific questions questions. Volunteer will partner with a separate Videographer or either provide their own camera  to interview participants documentary-style. They have the option to appear on-camera or off-camera. If you enjoy interacting with new people and being on-camera, this might just be the spot for you!


 Videographer - Videographer will be asked to film moments from different aspects of the festival (i.e. Screenings, Seminars, Networking, Q&A, Red Carpet), and may be requested to partner with the Red Carpet Interviewer volunteer to film interviews. It is preferred that the Videographer provide their own camera (We may have other video equipment available if needed.) RIFF will credit all published video clips to Videographer and link to their website if available. Videography experience preferred - please send samples of past work if possible.


Photographer - Photographer will be asked to shoot moments from different aspects throughout the festival (i.e. Screenings, Seminars, Networking, Q&A, Red Carpet). Photographer must provide their own camera. RIFF will credit all published photos to photographer and link to their website if available. Photography experience preferred - please send samples of past work if possible.

Floater - Floaters will be asked to help wherever needed.  This may include helping manage lines and keep order, answer patron questions, provide relief to another volunteer, etc.  

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