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Many thanks to everyone who attended Rahway International Film Festival these past few years!

Your thoughtful reviews and constructive feedback continues to help us improve and grow.

"Congratulations on a wonderful festival!   This was a new experience for me and it was very moving to see the work of unknown filmmakers. It was great to be able get a glimpse of what lurks just beneath the realm of what is popular now and into what the future of filmmaking will become."

- RIFF 2014 Attendee



"I was so impressed with how smoothly everything ran. The quality of the films that were selected were amazing."

- Lori Roper, Playwright



"All of us at Rich D Films want to thank you for running such an organized and enthusiastic film festival. We were honored to be a part of the festival. And congratulate you on putting together such a great event! We want you to know how much we appreciate you creating a place for local and international filmmakers to come together and share their work."

- Rich Devaney, Director of "Patrol", Best Film of the Festival/Best Screenwriting RIFF 2014



"The Rahway International Film Festival, held on Saturday July 12, 2014; at Hamilton Stage, was a breathe of fresh air; in the artistic town of Rahway New Jersey. As a working actress, it's so important to network! And this event allowed me to meet some amazing and talented people, not only in the film industry, but all walks of life. Each film block afforded festival goers the unique opportunity to view a variety of films; ranging from documentaries to narratives. For the filmmakers, the RIFF provided a wonderful platform to showcase their creative works. And while there were only two workshops conducted at the festival; they each were informative and enlightening. The finale of the festival proved to be exciting as the results were announced for the RIFF Awards. I am particularly excited for Temilou Tokosi, winner of the RIFF Viewer's Choice Award, for his heartfelt narrative "The Will to Want". As well as, the talented lead actor, Omar Salmon, who convinced us that if you have a strong will to want something, you can achieve it! That same uplifting message resonated in the narrative Straight, by Edward Kruglik; who's strong lead actress, Deanna Henson, won the RIFF Best Actress Award. Henson showed film watchers that despite how off track you can get, if you desire to get on a straight path, you can do so! I applaud all the filmmakers and actors who received RIFF Awards; because as a fellow actor, I know first hand the passion, dedication and hard work it takes, to create a strong body of work."

- Mahogany Reynolds, Actress/Youth mentor



"Thank you so much for giving my film the opportunity to be a part of this great festival. I really appreciate it! For you to say some people left inspired after seeing my work really means a lot because that was my exact aim with this film, to inspire. My cast/crew and also the attendees I invited all had a great time watching all of the different diverse films. There was a great crop of films in each film block, it was a great honor to be included! Thank you for what you're doing for NJ and the Union county area, we need this here and you and your team [are] definitely filling the void!"

- Temilolu Tokosi, Director of "The Will to Want", Audience Choice Award RIFF 2014

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