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Playing All Weekend during Opening Night Gala and between Film Blocks

Six original music videos from around the world will be showcased throughout the festival during the Opening Night Gala and in between Film Blocks. They are separate from the Film Competition.


  1. Burning Fever - HERENGER (France)
  2. Elements - Krimson (AK, USA)
  3. Fix My Bail - The Black Sorrows (Australia)
  4. Hurricane - Raffaela ft. Chris Redd (CA, USA)
  5. Space Lover - REIGN-A (NV, USA)
  6. The Old Man - Indigorado (Norway)

Check out the music videos below, including information on the music artists and filmmakers.

"Burning Fever" - HERENGER

Music Video

Country of Origin: France

Language: French

Genre: Country

Director: Kevin Bodin


Artist: HERENGER (Pierre Herenger)

French singer songwriter Herenger has worked as a professional musician in Los Angeles California for more than ten years. He has moved back to France in 2012 and worked on various music projects. Today, he is releasing a new Ep called Mutation, and a video for the song Burning fever directed by Kevin Bodin.



"Elements" - Krimson

Music Video

Country of Origin: Alaska, USA

Language: English

Genre: Dance, Pop

Description: Elements is Krimson’s Newest Single & First Music Video that was exclusively filmed on Kodiak, Alaska where she was born & raised.

Artist: Krimson

Krimson is a singer/songwriter and a young, aspiring huntress born & raised hunting & fishing on Kodiak island, Alaska. Through her original written music, she aspires to lead & make a difference. Whether it's performing, recording, writing or talking to supporters and fans, she aims to inspire people to pursue their passions & enjoy the great outdoors.


"Fix My Bail" - The Black Sorrows

Music Video

Country of Origin: Australia

Language: English

Genre: Country

Description: Fix My Bail is pure Appalachian bluegrass and the first single from The Black Sorrows’ 2016 release “Faithful Satellite” featuring the Davidson Brothers on fiddle and mandolin.

Director | Producer: Fiona Cochrane

Producer/ director FIONA COCHRANE has produced and/or directed several independent Australian feature films as well as numerous documentaries, short films & music videos. Her recent documentaries include the feature-length documentaries WOMEN ARE THE ANSWER, JOE CAMILLERI: AUSTRALIA’S MALTESE FALCON and RACHEL: A PERFECT LIFE, as well as television documentaries 25 TRACKS, ALL IN HER STRIDE, MUSIC OF THE BRAIN, OPERA THERAPY, TUG OF WAR and SCREAMIN’ WHEELIES. Her films have screened at numerous international festivals and received many international awards.


Artist: The Black Sorrows

The Black Sorrows are a blues/roots/rock band were formed in Melbourne, Australia in 1984 by leader singer and mainstay, Joe Camilleri. The Black Sorrows continue to tour nationally and internationally and have released 20 albums over a period of 30 years. Joe Camilleri is an ARIA Hall of Fame inductee and was recently named “Living Legend” by Rolling Stone Australia.

"Hurricane" - Raffaela ft Chris Redd

Music Video

Country of Origin: California, USA

Language: English

Genre: Pop

Description: A "hurricane" represents strong, powerful and influential women throughout the course of history that have overcome challenges and exceeded expectations. Raffaela and featured artist, Chris Redd, portray various historical icons who broke down barriers.

Director: Anthony Pietromonaco

Anthony Pietromonaco is a Los Angeles based director with a passion for imagination.  He grew up in a small town outside of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania before moving to Los Angeles to pursue the dream.  He has since worked in nearly every aspect of production as a writer, grip, DP, editor and visual effects artist, ultimately he finding his place as a director.  Anthony first gained notoriety for creating realistic adaptations of popular video game franchises, and quickly moved onto commercial production where he has since directed spots for some of the biggest brands in the world.  


Artist | Writer: Raffaela

At an early age it was obvious Raffaela wanted to perform; she could sing before she could talk. Currently in development with InRage Entertainment and Sony/ATV producers and songwriters, Automatic and Ebony Vanderveer with whom she released her music video and single, HURRICANE, featuring artist Chris Redd (Popstar: Never Stop, Never Stopping; Fat Camp). Her EP will be released this fall.  Look for Raffaela in the upcoming feature film, REACH, alongside Garrett Clayton and Jordan.


Producer: Marco de Molina

After amassing well over a decade as a creative and media executive, in 2013 Marco De Molina founded Veva Entertainment Co. (VEC). Known for his keen eye for discovering emerging talent, his striking visuals, and the maximizing of production value, his company, VEC, now produces a wide array of music videos and commercials for mainstream entertainers and leading brands. While continuing to produce music videos and commercials, De Molina also has now several feature titles and TV series in various stages of development.


Producer | Writer: Maria Capp

Maria has been actively involved in entertainment and the arts for over 20 years. Her multi-disciplinary expertise includes work as a director, producer, writer, entrepreneur, and acting coach. In 2012, Maria formed Cappricielli Productions, a multi-faceted production company that creates a wide array of entertaining and socially conscious film, video, web, and music content. Maria currently is in post-production for the award-winning feature film, REACH, starring Garrett Clayton (Hairspray: Live), Jordan Doww, and Joey Bragg (Liv & Maddie).She is near completion on the award-winning documentary film, FIND AN IDENTITY, which she wrote and directed.

Artist Website

Production Company Website


"Space Lover" - REIGN-A

Music Video

Country of Origin: Nevada, USA

Language: English

Genre: Indie Alternative Rock, Dream Pop

Description: Nature, Time, & Space. When in love, it is felt everywhere.

Director | Writer | Producer: Tiffanie Ignacio 

Tiffanie Ignacio is a filmmaker that resides in Las Vegas, NV with a Bachelors Degree in Film. Currently engaging in Freelance and Festival work, she directs short films & music videos as well as produce, write, DP, and edit.

Executive Producer: Jennifer Quintanilla

Jennifer Quintanilla, is currently a part of the Film program at UNLV where her primary focus is on writing. She also engages in film through producing various shorts.

Executive Producer: Belen De La Torre

Belen De La Torre is a student filmmaker in Las Vegas, Nevada. She focuses primarily on directing but enjoys other aspects of the filmmaking process such as producing, acting, and screenwriting.

Artist: Mo Milan (REIGN-A)

Mo Milan (aka REIGN-A, pronounced "ray-nuh") writes, records, and performs mostly solo in the Las Vegas, NV area. She blends atmospheric vocals, synth, and guitar textures together with deep percussion to create dream-like sounds.



"The Old Man" - Indigorado

Music Video

Country of Origin: Norway

Language: English

Genre: Folk, World, Pop

Description: Set in the heart of an ancient norwegian forest, where the director of the video actually lives year-round in a traditional Sami tent, we see a man with one foot in the grave, barely hanging on to reality. He is on a journey towards possible redemption. But what is real? what is death? And what waits on the other side?

Director | Writer | Producer: Kenneth Åkerland Berg

Kenneth lives in a Lavuu, a traditional temporary dwelling used by the Sami people of northern Norway, in the forest close to the Oslofjord. He has a background as an actor from the russian federal state university of arts, GITIS in Moscow. He has worked as an actor in the theatre, feature films and tv- dramas. He also has a degree as a production manager. This music video is his directors debut.

Artist: Indigorado

A Norwegian-Swedish duo (folk/world/pop) from the country-side in Ås, Norway.


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