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1:00PM - 3:00PM


Sunday, October 23, 2016

1:00-3:00pm: Screening + Filmmakers Q&A

Hamilton Stage


Rahway International Film Festival Short Films Presentation


Showcasing works that inspire empathy, equality, and awareness through film, RIFF has got it all. With shorts films ranging from documentary to animation to drama to comedy, these films from all over the world will make you laugh, make you cry, and make you think. 

Shorts Block #2 Lineup:

  1. "Lucas, Kevin, and the Technicolor Dream Watcher" (Student Film) directed by David Paris & Colin Tunney (NJ, USA)

  2. "Player Two" directed by Zachary Antell (NY, USA)

  3. "Fish" directed by Andrew Ruiz (NY, USA)

  4. "Birthday Boy" directed by Andrew Saunderson (CA, USA)

  5. "Two Years" directed by (NJ, USA)

  6. "Sara and Mimi" directed by Carla Barros (Brazil)

  7. "Leaving" directed by Lauren Hall (NJ, USA)

  8. "Roubado" directed by Erica A. Watson (CA, USA)

  9. "So I Was Wondering..." directed by Richard Arum (WA, USA)


Following the films, there will be a Filmmakers Q&A with the attending Directors, Crew, and Cast.  


*All festival tickets & day passes include free admission to the Opening Night After-Party & Saturday Lobby Networking Hour, which will offer a complimentary light buffet and cash bar. Come join the fun!

"Lucas, Kevin, and the Technicolor Dream Watcher"

Local High School Student Film


Short Narrative  |  Runtime: 5:47

Country of Origin: New Jersey, USA

Language: English

Genre: Comedy

Synopsis: A long awaited package arrives holding inside a machine allowing a person to view another's dream. A young man and his dopey best friend are ecstatic to try it. 


Co-Directors: Colin Tunney and David Paris (in attendance)

David and Colin are high school seniors from New Providence, NJ. They met in elementary school and have since been a dynamic duo, both as friends and filmmakers, collaborating on just about every project. David plans to pursue film through college, while Colin wants to pursue it as a hobby. 

"Player Two"


Short Animation  |  Runtime: 3:38

Country of Origin: New York, USA

Language: English

Genre: Animation

Synopsis: Player Two is a short animation that explore the relationship that develops between two brothers of differing age growing up, and how video games foster that bond.


Director: Zachary Antell (in attendance)



Short Narrative |  Runtime: 9;59

Country of Origin: New Jersey, USA

Language: English

Genre: Drama, Youth

Synopsis: Armando and his father are moving back to their family's ancestral home in Mexico, but the boy's beloved pet fish has to stay behind. Armando, however, is not going to abandon his friend without a fight.


Director | Writer: Andrew Ruiz

Andrew is a New York City based filmmaker and educator. His short film, Fish, has screened at festivals around the world, and his feature script “40 Watts” recently received Faculty Honors at the Columbia University Film Festival.Andrew is currently working on his first feature. He is represented by APA.

Producer: Tina Braz

Tina is a creative producer in branded content at Vox Media in New York. Although her work is primarily in advertising, she is passionate about narrative film. Whenever she has spare time, she can be found writing or producing her passion projects - two comedy webseries, and The Interpreter, a short film about domestic violence. 



"Birthday Boy"


Short Narrative |  Runtime: 11:04

Country of Origin: California, USA

Language: English

Genre: Drama

Synopsis: Two walks of life collide when a young man steals a car but is unprepared for what he finds in the back seat.  This troubled teen’s crime offers him a view at the life he covets.

Director | Writer: Andrew Saunderson (in attendance)

Director Andrew Saunderson has spent years editing critically acclaimed documentaries.  After working on the film Wild (2014), he decided to venture out into the scripted narrative world with the short film Birthday Boy.  He is currently developing two feature length scripts and directing a music documentary for Universal Music.

Producer: Jean-Marc Vallée

Jean-Marc Vallée is a film director known for Dallas Buyers Club (2013), Wild (2014) and C.R.A.Z.Y.(2005).  Vallée creates films that capture complex layers of emotion and character, producing the best performances from their actors, resulting in intense quality storytelling.



"Two Years"


Short Documentary |  Runtime: 11:20

Country of Origin: New Jersey, USA

Language: English

Synopsis: A heartbreaking record of the struggle between a New Jersey community fighting to recover from Superstorm Sandy and a governor looking to make a name for himself in the 2016 presidential election.

Director: Lauren Hall

Lauren is a recent graduate of the School of Visual Art's Film program. She is a New Jersey native currently residing in Brooklyn, NY with a passion for social and political documentaries.  

"Sara and Mimi"


Short Narrative |  Runtime: 15:00

Country of Origin: Brazil

Language: Portuguese (with English subtitles)

Genre: Drama

Synopsis: Mimi, a former actress who has always been a full-of-energy-independent kind of woman, now struggles to fight the most invencible enemy: time. Her daughter Sarah is the only witness of this very intimate war and the main responsible to keep them both alive. But an idea from Bernardo, the absent (and favorite) son, is about to break this fragile balance and change their lives forever.

Director: Carla Barros

Carla has been a director for almost 5 years. She started on publicity ads and now direct big TV shows. This is her first short film.

Producer: Guilherme Paganini LaMotta

Gui is the owner of LaMotta Filmes, works as a Executive Producer and as a Director. He’s been on the road for more than 15 years so far, worked for several TV stations and Production Companies. Now he dedicates his full time for LaMotta Filmes, producing Tv shows, short films and branded content for internet.

Writer: Patricia Corso

Patricia Corso is an author and screenwriter national acclaimed for her work in film and TV business in Brazil. Her first comedy "My Past Condemns Me" was nominated for best comedy of the year on Brazil's  Cinema Grand Prize 2014 and her second one, "Men are from Mars and... there I Go!" won the prize in 2015. She has credits as writer and script collaborator in 4 other features, most of them blockbusters. Recently, Patricia Corso wrote 2 episodes for "Prata da Casa", the first sitcom produced by FOX in Brazil.

Producer: Débora Rodrigues Carraro de Mendonça (in attendance)



Short Narrative |  Runtime: 9:40

Country of Origin: New York, USA

Language: English

Genre: Drama

Synopsis: Emily Hemming has a husband, children and life she loves. Events beyond her control cause her to leave her family, but she clings to them knowing she can't stay. This spiritual journey of knowing when to let go is a lesson for us all. Leaving stars Molly Ryman, Joseph A. Halsey and Sal Rendino (The Get Down on Netflix).

Director | Writer | Producer: Debra Markowitz (in attendance)

Debra Markowitz is an award winning director, producer and writer, and is also the author of the Karmic Wind Trilogy. She has been in the film industry for over 28 years as the Nassau County Film Commissioner, one of the founders of LIIFE (the Long Island International Film Expo), and as a writer, director, producer and casting director on her own projects, and those of others.





Short Narrative |  Runtime: 18:00

Country of Origin: California, USA

Language: English

Genre: Drama

Synopsis: "Roubado" tells the story of Alain Castelo, an introverted Afro-Portuguese teen growing up in the south of France. As he suffers his parents' recent breakup, the only solace he can muster is his penchant for photography. When his mother's new live-in boyfriend crosses the line, his eyes are opened to the world and he can no longer hide behind the viewfinder of his vintage camera.

Director: Erica A. Watson

Erica A. Watson is a writer, director, and harpist from Detroit, Michigan. She is a graduate of USC's School of Cinematic Arts' MFA program and a 2014-2015 directing fellow for FILM INDEPENDENT's "Project Involve". Additionally she is one of four people selected for the Sundance Knight Fellowship and was an artist-in-residence at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. She is also a part-time professor at Loyola Marymount's School of Film & Television in Los Angeles, California. 




"So I Was Wondering..."


Short Narrative |  Runtime: 13:24

Country of Origin: Washington, USA

Language: English

Genre: Drama

Synopsis: Two lifelong friends are spending time together one evening at a bar.  Some things are revealed that makes them question who they are, what they want, and how strong the bond of friendship is.  Both funny and poignant, intimate and universal, this story of Ricky and John will have us wondering what we would do for our friends. 

Director | Producer: Richard Arum (in attendance)

Richard Arum is a professional actor who lives and works in Seattle.  He spent 15 years performing in the Boston area in theater, film and television.  While he has directed for the stage on both coasts, this film marks his cinematic directorial debut.




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