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Friday, October 21, 2016

6:30pm-7:45pm: Cocktail Hour, Fazioli Room

8:00pm-10:30pm: Screenings + Filmmakers Q&A, Hamilton Stage

Preceded by Short Films:

  • "Small Fry" directed by Corinne Antonelli (NJ, USA)

  • "Dear Susie" directed by Leopoldo Caggiano (Italy)

  • "Frame of Reference" directed by Ian J. Keeney (NJ, USA)


Rahway International Film Festival Opening Night Feature Film Presentation:"The Wedding Invitation" directed by Rainy Kerwin.


Ticket price includes a preceding Cocktail Hour with complimentary glass of champagne and hors d'oeuvres at 6:30pm. Cocktail attire is encouraged, but not mandatory. 


Following the films, there will be a Filmmakers Q&A with attending Directors and Crew from "The Wedding Invitation" & "Frame of Reference".

Afterwards, please join us for the Opening Night After-Party to end the night at Patria Latin Bistro. Show your ticket to ANY of the weekend's events for free admission!  


*All festival tickets & day passes include free admission to the Opening Night After-Party & Saturday Lobby Networking Hour, which will offer a complimentary light buffet and cash bar. Come join the fun!


"The Wedding Invitation"


Feature Narrative  |  Runtime: 1:30:00

Country of Origin: California, USA

Language: English

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Synopsis: Three best friends are on a mission to get dates for the wedding of a lifetime. They have one week to track down their men and turn them into plus­ones. Their mission, splattered with drunken‐dry‐heaving, walk‐of-shame moments will require them to break all of the dating rules to find love. 

Director | Writer | Producer: Rainy Kerwin 

(in attendance)

Rainy is an award-winning writer-director-producer. She was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Winnipeg, Canada. Rainy started acting at a young age. Fed up with the lack of funny roles for women, she penned "The Wedding Invitation" and went on to shoot the film with an all-female crew to make a small dent in the low numbers of women working in Hollywood. She is the founder of "It's Raining Films", the production company behind "The Wedding Invitation & the platform -- a site dedicated to driving audiences to see more films written and directed by women. She's a proud member of Women in Film, Film Fatales, and the Alliance of Women Directors. Rainy's next film, "Dead Between LA & Vegas" is a dark comedy and will begin shooting in late 2017.

Co-Producer:  Narmar Hanna

Narmar's production company, Narmartini Pictures, recently produced the award- winning comedy, The Diner's Club, which has screened in over 16 international film festivals in North America and Europe. Narmar studied acting for several years in L.A. and a semester in England at The Oxford School of Drama. Besides acting and producing, Narmar is also a writer-director and is currently in development on a feature film.

Co-Producer:  Sage Scroope

Sage began her producing career in her home country of Australia. She moved to L.A. when she was accepted at the prestigious American Film Insititute. Since graduating from AFI, Sage has been involved in eight feature films. She is attached to another four projects set to shoot in 2017.


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"Frame of Reference"

World Premiere Special Presentation

(not to be included in Film Competition)


Short Narrative  |  Runtime: 30:00

Country of Origin: New Jersey, USA

Language: English

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Synopsis: Alex and her best friend, Lauren, are recounting Alex's latest failed relationship. But are they even talking about the same thing?  Alex tends to wear a romanticized 1940s filter on her memories and Lauren, well, Lauren doesn't remember it quite so nicely. Whos' right and who's wrong?  It all depends on your frame of reference.

Director: Ian J. Keeney (in attendance)

Ian J. Keeney is an award-winning filmmaker, screenwriter and author. His latest novel won Best Science Fiction in the Los Angeles Book Festival. He has made four feature films, several shorts and television shows and his band, Wolves in Clothing, is working on their first full album.​

Producer | Co-Writer | Actor: Gina Marie Rodriguez

(in attendance)

Gina Marie Rodriguez is a producer, writer, actress and model hailing from New Jersey.  She is also the founder and director of the Rahway International Film Festival (and she would like to assure you that her films are never screened in competition at RIFF!)

Co-Writer: Steven Hayet (in attendance)

Steven Hayet is honored to have his first screenplay premiere at the Rahway International Film Festival. His play Stage Mom debuted this summer at the Midtown International Theatre Festival in New York City.


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"Dear Susie"


Short Narrative  |  Runtime: 3:00

Country of Origin: Italy

Language: English

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Synopsis: When Leo meets Susie, is love at first sight.  But the guy is too shy to even introduce himself. To fight against his shyness, he decides to go for the old-fashioned manners: writing her a lovely letter. 

Director | Writer | Producer | DP | Actor:

Leopoldo Caggiano

Graduated in Milan as a Graphic Designer first and Director of Photography right after, Leopoldo Caggiano chose film making as his medium to grow into as a storyteller and an artist.  He started training in photography and directing by producing his own short movies, while working professionally on documentaries as well as commercials for Nespresso, Google+, Ferrero, Mulino Bianco, Ferragamo, Rolling Stones, till becoming an independent filmmaker and DP.  Nowadays, his work as a director is strongly bound to his love and constant exploration of human behaviors and society, and inspired by Woody Allen’s comedies and Italian Neorealism. 

"Small Fry"

Local High School Student Film

Short Animation |  Runtime: 4:58

Country of Origin: New Jersey, USA

Language: English

Genre: Animated Romantic Comedy

Synopsis: "Small Fry" follows the life of one very "small" man and his journey to find love

Director: Corinne Antonelli 

Corinne Antonelli is 17 years old from Washington, New Jersey. She has created two animated shorts that have screened in festivals around the globe! She hopes to complete a third film next year.

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