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All Weekend: Hamilton Stage Lobby* 

Friday, October 21, 2016 6:30pm-7:30pm: Opening Night Cocktail Hour, Fazioli Room**

Saturday, October 22, 2016 7:30-8:30pm: Lobby Networking Hour, Hamilton Stage Lobby***

Ten original music videos will be showcased in the Hamilton Stage Lobby & Networking Events throughout the festival and separate from Film Competition.  

  1. Alibi - Jerzy Jung (NJ, USA)
  2. Beatin - Artist Anna Kova  (France)
  3. BLACK - KEØMA (Germany)
  4. Frost - Sven Helbig (CA, USA)
  5. I Don't Wanna Lose You - Annor Doeman (CA, USA)
  6. Invisible Man - Huey the Ferret (David Cortello) (NC, USA)
  7. A Passage to India (NJ, USA)
  8. Priestess of the Gate - Alicia Hayes (AR, USA)
  9. The Right Way - Cat London (NJ, USA)
  10. Tonight is the Night - Jump In The River (Spain)

*Tickets are not required to visit the Hamilton Stage Lobby.


**Tickets to Friday's RIFF Opening Night Feature Film: “The Wedding Invitation" includes access to the Cocktail Hour.


***All festival tickets include access to the Saturday Lobby Networking Hour.

"Alibi" - Jerzy Jung

Music Video

Country of Origin: New Jersey, USA

Director: Anthony Bezich


Artist: Jerzy Jung

My name is Jerzy Jung. Yes, this is my real name. I make music because it is the most powerful and pure form of expression I know of. I believe that everyone has the power to continually evolve. I think of my songs as small sonic snapshots from all of the journeys I see happening around me – including my own.



"Beatin" - Anna Kova

Music Video

Country of Origin: France

Synopsis: A young woman dreams of idyll but her fantasy quickly turns into a nightmare.

Director: Quentin Perez

Writer: Quentin Perez & Antoine Moizan

Executive Producer: Amaury Pascaud

Artist: Anna Kova




Music Video

Country of Origin: Germany

Synopsis: Two bad Santas, their getaway driver, a gun, a baseball bat and the gas tank of a 1970 Chevy.


Director: Aviv Kosloff

Aviv Kosloff is an Israeli, Berlin based director of narrative films, commercials, fashion films and music video. He directed commercials for Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Lamborghini and GM, to name a few. His films were selected by film festivals around the world including Cannes Film Festival and the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival.

Artist: KEØMA

KEØMA are a Berlin based indie band comprised of the Australian Kat Frankie and the German Chris Klopfer. They music was described as 'Night Drive Pop' and their song lyrics are inspired by classic films.


"Frost" - Sven Helbig

Music Video

Country of Origin: California, USA

Synopsis: Set in the Mojave Desert, a group of contemporary dancers illustrate the human journey.

Director: Jo Roy

Artist: Sven Helbig

"I Don't Wanna Lose You" - Annor Doeman

Music Video

Country of Origin: California, USA

Synopsis: A girl breaks up with her boyfriend but visualizes them back together once again. At the end of the story, her dreams of reuniting just may come true.

Director & Artist: Annor Doeman

Annor Doeman, is a producer, writer, singer, and actress, who has been driven to pursue her dreams as a musician and filmmaker since childhood. She founded the Malibu High School Film Club during her senior year in high school, and was featured on the front page of the Malibu Times’ Entertainment section for singing a song she penned titled, The Michael Landon Song. She has also produced three albums, and three books, and her latest film, Vampire Journal, was an Official Selection at the 2015 Treasure Coast International Film Festival. 

"Invisible Man" - Huey the Ferret (David Cortello)

Music Video

Country of Origin: North Carolina, USA

Synopsis: This song is about a conflict of intimacy and trust—fear of each as well as the need for each. The main character approaches trust, asks for intimacy with others, but never gains the courage himself to reach out. He remains safe, but invisible.

Director & Artist: David Cortello

David Cortello is a composer, teacher, and musician. He received a BA in music from the University of New Orleans and an MM and Ph.D. in composition from Louisiana State University. He has taught theory and composition on the collegiate level and guitar for many years in a private studio setting. Currently he teaches music theory at Catawba Valley Community College.



"A Passage to India" - Khushi Ambastha

Music Video

Country of Origin: New Jersey, USA

Synopsis: A young girl is playfully lead into mysterious India, even though she has never been there. She dances her favorite dance to her heart's glory. 

Director: Nidhi Kathuria

Nidhi Kathuria is a writer- filmmaker based in New Jersey. Apart from having made a bunch of short films that have done the festival rounds, Nidhi recently completed her debut feature called Prince of Bollywood; awaiting release. ' A Passage To India' is her second music video after 'An Evening in New York.'

Artist: Khushi Ambastha

Young and beautiful Khushi Ambastha is a trained Kathak and Bollywood dancer. This video is her showreel to launch herself into the acting profession after she finishes her school!


"Priestess of the Gate" - Alicia Hayes

Music Video

Country of Origin: Arkansas, USA

Synopsis: 'Priestess of the Gate' is an abstract music presentation of a young woman representing the soul searcher in all of us taking an ethereal walk through light, love, peace and restoration.

Director & Artist: Alicia Hayes

Alicia Hayes is a Director/Writer/Producer and Editor.  She is an autodidact in all areas of creativity that spans the mediums of voice-over, music composition, acting, singing, photography, makeup, painting and film production.  Earlier in her career she was a radio personality hosting shows in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dallas.  She later went on to enjoy a successful career in the entertainment industry as a makeup artist.  Hayes worked and collaborated with three time Emmy winning Costume Designer; Birgit Muller of CBS's 'The Bold & theBeautiful' as a graphic designer, wardrobe stylist and supervisor for over 15 years.  In 2011 Hayes self published two books;  "Vero"--a book of poetry and her book simply titled "Alicia Hayes"--featuring her paintings.   In 2013 Hayes had an exclusive exhibit with the renowned Regis Gallerie at the Venetian, Las Vegas.  Alicia has produced paintings for Larry King, Howard Hewett and Jack Nicholson.  In 2015 Alicia Hayes established VERO 8 PICTURES production company.  Collectively her films have garnered 10 nominations  for 'Best Short Film' and she's currently in pre-production with her latest short dramatic films "THE LOOK" and "THE PAINTER" to be released in 2017.



"The Right Way" - Cat London

Music Video

Country of Origin: New Jersey, USA

Synopsis: Cat London, and her team began "The Right Way" excursion in 2014 beginning with an original song and recording, paving the way for a Bullying Awareness Campaign (#TheRightWay), then rolling right into a choreographed lyrical music video directed by Ian J. Keeney. "The Right Way" received awards at The 2016 Garden State and Ridgewood Film Festivals. It screened in the Asbury Music in Film Festival and garnered attention from anchor Della Crews on News Channel 12 NJ.

Director: Ian J. Keeney

Ian J. Keeney is an award-winning filmmaker, screenwriter and author. His latest novel won Best Science Fiction in the Los Angeles Book Festival. He has made four feature films, several shorts and television shows and his band, Wolves in Clothing, is working on their first full album.​

Artist: Cat London

Performer/songwriter, Cat London will be releasing her EP "Dangerous Me" in September. "The Right Way" will be featured on the album.


"Tonight is the Night" - Jump In The River

Music Video

Country of Origin: Spain

Synopsis: A 12 year old boy escapes school to unleash his true passion.

Director: Javier Chacártegui

“Tonight Is The Night” is the second music video made by spanish film student Javier Chacártegui for Jump In The River, from which he is also the lead singer.

Artist: Jump In The River

Jump In The River is a young Indie Rock band currently based in London whose members come from Denmark, Spain and Lebanon. Their music has been defined as modern rock with a powerful, energetic and uplifting sound strongly influenced by the 80’s best british rock bands.


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