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1:00PM - 3:00PM




Sunday, October 23, 2016

1:00pm-3:00pm: Screening + Filmmakers Q&A

Fazioli Room

Preceded by Short Films:

  • "Inspired" directed by Maggie Kaszuba (NJ, USA)

  • "The Truth, a Short, Short Film" directed by Barbara Becker Holstein (NJ, USA)

  • "Cuerdas (Strings)" directed by Pedro Solis Garcia (Spain)

Rahway International Film Festival Feature Documentary Presentation: "The Ability Exchange" directed by Bing Wang.

Following the films, there will be a Filmmakers Q&A with the attending Directors.  


*All festival tickets & day passes include free admission to the Opening Night After-Party & Saturday Lobby Networking Hour, which will offer a complimentary light buffet and cash bar. Come join the fun!


"The Ability Exchange"


Feature Documentary |  Runtime: 1:15:00

Country of Origin: New York, USA

Language: English

Synopsis: The Ability Exchange is an intimate documentary film that delves into an innovative Disability Studies course at NYU Tandon where engineering students and self-advocates with cerebral palsy team up to make movies. This observational “empathy engine” illustrates the trajectory of personal growth and bonding that these first time filmmakers experience in the classroom and beyond, during a journey of which the line between ability and disability gets blurred, traditionally assigned roles of "filmmakers" and "subjects" blend, and the definitions of “normalcy” and “inspiration” are challenged. The Ability Exchange thus invites the viewer to reflect on what it takes to understand and appreciate a person, a community, a culture, and how this exchange of abilities and perspectives empowers lives.

Director | Producer: Bing Wang (in attendance)

A Brooklyn transplant by way of his native China, Bing is a documentary filmmaker who adores cinéma vérité and loves to investigate family, communication and identity topics. His self-produced and directed feature-length documentary, “The Ability Exchange” explores the transforming relationship between engineering students and self-advocates with cerebral palsy in an intimate classroom setting. Bing also associate produced Ursula Liang’s award-winning documentary, “9-Man” and is currently both editing Heather White and Lynn Zhang’s feature “Who Pays The Price: The Human Cost of Electronics” and developing a new film about gay deaf parenting (for which he is researching how to improve “deaf cinema” technically, aesthetically, and ethically). 





Short Narrative  |  Runtime: 19:46

Country of Origin: New Jersey, USA

Language: English

Genre: Drama, Teen

Synopsis: A high school basketball player struggles through depression, self confidence and being able to relate to her peers. When the last person she expected is there to teach her how fragile life is, her world is flipped upside down. 

Director | Writer | Producer: Maggie Kaszuba

(in attendance)

Maggie Kaszuba is a first time Director with her film INSPIRED. She usually stays on the production side of filmmaking but after events in her life, she decided to tell her story from her own point of view. 



"Cuerdas (Strings)"


Short Animation  |  Runtime: 10:52

Country of Origin: Spain

Language: Spanish (with English subtitles)

Genre: Drama, Children

Synopsis: María’s routine at school is altered by the arrival of a very special child. Soon, they become close friends.

Director | Writer: Pedro Solis Garcia

Pedro Solis comes from the video game world, in which he has developed different tasks. He has worked from 3D Artist to co-producer on several titles for PC and consoles. "Cuerdas" is his second short film as a scriptwriter and director

Producer: Nicholas Matji

NICOLAS MATJI comes from a family dedicated to film and television. He has a special weakness for the production of cartoons. He is now producing the animated feature film "TAD JONES 2".


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"The Truth, a Short, Short Film"

Short Narrative  |  Runtime: 2:00

Country of Origin: New Jersey, USA

Language: English

Genre: Drama, Teen

Synopsis: In two minutes a young teen, talking via a Selfie, shares her distress at not being told important family news.  Her pain is clear, but it is not so clear as to whom she is talking. Who is the 'You' she talks to: her diary? a stranger? social media?

Director | Writer | Producer: Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

(in attendance)

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein wrote, directed and produced this film. She is a Positive Psychologist in private practice in Long Branch, New Jersey for over 30 years.  Her work focuses on helping people find happiness by recognizing and developing their talents, strengths and hidden potential.  She started making films last year and is currently working on 'Secrets'.  'The Truth, a Short, Short Film is based on her book, The Truth, Dairy of a Gutsy Tween, while 'Secrets' is based on Secrets, Diary of a Gutsy Teen.


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