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3:15PM - 5:15PM



Saturday, October 22, 2016

3:15pm-5:15pm: Screening + Filmmakers Q&A

Hamilton Stage


Preceded by Short Film:

"Ugly" directed by LeRon Lee (NJ, USA)


Rahway International Film Festival Feature Film Presentation: "Life is Short" directed by Antoine Allen.





Saturday, October 22, 2016

3:15pm-5:15pm: Screening + Filmmakers Q&A

Fazioli Room


Rahway International Film Festival Feature Film Presentation: "Mignon 'Mossie' van Wyk" directed by Darrell Roodt.

Following the films, there will be a Filmmakers Q&A with the attending Directors and Producers.   


*All festival tickets & day passes include free admission to the Opening Night After-Party & Saturday Lobby Networking Hour, which will offer a complimentary light buffet and cash bar. Come join the fun!


"Life is Too Short"


Feature Narrative |  Runtime: 1:12:59

Country of Origin: New Jersey / New York, USA

Language: English

Genre: Drama

Synopsis: A look at the lives of five New Yorkers dealing with a variety of life's challenges and conflicts. Little do they know that all will be over soon. If you knew that the end of the world is about to come, would you do anything differently?

Director: Antoine Allen (in attendance)

Award-Winning Filmmaker Antoine Allen. Forgoing the traditional film school route. He began educating himself on all creative, technical, and business aspects of the process and never looked back. Allen transformed himself into a successful filmmaker and business man. His most recent project, a full-length feature film, Life Is Too Short has been honored with multiple awards and ten film festival selections to date.





Short Narrative  |  Runtime: 20:00

Country of Origin: New Jersey, USA

Language: English

Genre: Drama

Synopsis: A coming-of-age story of a boy looking for love in the wrong place... his own environment.

Director: LeRon Lee

LeRon Lee began his journey in film on the set of Spike Lee’s “She Hate Me” and through those experiences he was exposed to a small circle of film industry veterans. His latest short film “Ugly” is the film he always wanted to see. As an educator in Newark, NJ this became a bridge between his passion for education and film. This film serves as exposure to the characters that are often not represented in these environments.

Producer: Derrick Williams

Born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey, Derrick headed to Philadelphia where he began studying undergraduate film at Temple University utilizing course work to develop skills in directing and producing. Upon completing graduation, Derrick went on to produce several music videos, commercials, documentaries and short films that have won various awards for television networks such as Showtime, BET J and HBO.


Mignon Mossie van Wyk

"Mignon 'Mossie' van Wyk"


Feature Narrative |  Runtime: 1:39:00

Country of Origin: South Africa

Language: Afrikaans (with English subtitles) | English

Genre: Coming of Age Drama

Synopsis: "Mignon 'Mossie' van Wyk" tells the story of how a teenage girl learns to find her feet in a world filled with sorrow, heartache and disappointment. The film shows characters in the midst of their lives with all of its complicated relationships. It’s a story about friendship, falling in love, dealing with loss and finding your running shoes. 

Director: Darrell Roodt

Darrell James Roodt is a South African born Director. His film Sarafina! Was screened at the 1992 Cannes Film Festival. Little One was selected at the 85th Academy Awards for the Best Foreign Language Oscar and his film Yesterday was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. He has numerous films under his Directing title with more recently: Seun, Treurgrond, Trouvoete, Skorokoro, Verskietende Ster and Mignon ‘Mossie’ van Wyk

Writer: Tarryn-Tanille Prinsloo

Tarryn-Tanille has been a fulltime screenwriter at Phoenix Films since 2014 with Treurgrond as her first official feature film which released on 29 May 2015. Trouvoete followed shortly with its cinema release on 16 December 2015. Mignon “Mossie” van Wyk released on 6 May 2016 marking her third solo screenplay to be produced. 

Co-Producer: Andre Frauenstein (in attendance)

With in excess of 16 years of Cinema, movies and production experience Andre Frauenstein is the Managing Director of Phoenix Films (PTY) LTD and Valhalla Production (PTY) LTD and have worked on more than 40 movie productions in same shape and form. During this period he have worked as Product Placement Specialist with leading producers & directors such as Neil Blomkamp (District 9) Regardt van den Bergh (Faith like potatoes) Darrell Roodt (Oscar nominated director) for Yesterday, Cry the beloved country. Under Andre’s guidance Valhalla & Phoenix Films have produced 5 feature films in 2015 alone. 

Co-Producer: Samuel Frauenstein

With almost 15 years of marketing and branding experience, Samuel Frauenstein is a Producer and CEO of the Phoenix Group of companies. His career in entertainment marketing includes numerous media director positions as well as heading up partnerships for the Viacom group where his focus was growing MTV, VH1 and Nickelodeon. With numerous films under his belt like Treurgrond, Trouvoete, Skorokoro and Mignon ‘Mossie’ van Wyk, he is a massive fan of Tarantino and like Quentin, Samuel never went to film school, he went to films. 

Co-Producer: Dries Maree 

In 2012 Dries Maree joined forces with Andre and Samuel Frauenstein at Phoenix Films. In 2013 Phoenix decided to move away from product integration and to begin their own production company. Out of this decision Valhalla Productions was born. Dries acts as Financial Director for both Phoenix Films and Valhalla Productions. He is Co-Producer on Treurgrond, Trouvoete, Skorokoro and Mignon ‘Mossie’ van Wyk. 



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