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1:00PM - 3:00PM




Saturday, October 22, 2016

1:00pm-3:00pm: Screening + Filmmakers Q&A

Fazioli Room


Preceded by Short Films:

  • "Cowboys" directed by Bernabe Rico (Spain)

  • "Eye of India" directed by Benn Berkley (United Kingdom)


Rahway International Film Festival Feature Documentary Presentation: "The Farmer & I" directed by Irja von Bernstorff.

Following the films, there will be a Filmmakers Q&A with the attending Directors.  


*All festival tickets & day passes include free admission to the Opening Night After-Party & Saturday Lobby Networking Hour, which will offer a complimentary light buffet and cash bar. Come join the fun!


"The Farmer & I"


Feature Documentary |  Runtime: 1:21:00

Country of Origin: Germany | Filmed in Bhutan

Language: English | German | Dzongkha ( with English subtitles

Synopsis: "The Farmer & I" is a hybrid film, part fiction and part documentary. Cultural barriers and tensions arise between German filmmaker Irja and Bhutanese farmer Sangay when they team up to create a fictional yet educational TV series to encourage the new generation of Bhutan to create value in rural areas instead of emigrating to the big cities. Their differences mirror Bhutan’s hardships implementing sustainable growth after centuries of isolation. Both, individuals and country, must find a way to collaborate if they are to keep their identity but join the world scene. 

Director: Irja von Bernstorff

Irja von Bernstorff studied theatre and media at the university of Bayreuth and at the Sorbonne in Paris. She speaks fluently French, English, German and knows the basics of Italian and Spanish language. In February 2006, she began working as a producer, author and director for the film and TV-production company fechnerMEDIA. In 2014, she directed a 25-episode BBS (Bhutanese Broadcasting Service) series called "THE FARMER – Sonam Zhingpa" a production of the Happy Green Cooperative. In 2016, her first feature length documentary "The Farmer and I" reflecting her personal experience as the first foreigner to direct a Bhutanese TV Series, premiered on the Max-Ophüls-Film Festival and will have a theatrical release this fall in German cinemas. 

Producer: Carl A. Fechner

fechnerMEDIA is a German production company based in Immendingen (close to Stuttgart) and Berlin. Since 1989 managing director Carl-A.Fechner has produced and directed over 50 renowned TV documentaries focusing mainly on ecological topics, current affairs and human interest a.o. for German broadcasters ProSieben and SAT1, ARTE, ARD and ZDF, Austrian ORF, Japanese NHK and MICO and Italian RAI. The company also conducts an own publishing house distributing its in-house productions as well as other documentaries matching their sustainable profile. 




Short Narrative  |  Runtime: 20:00

Country of Origin: Spain

Language: Spanish (with English subtitles) | English

Genre: Drama-Comedy

Synopsis: Martin is a finished actor, both professionally and personally. He's divorced, has no friends and a son he hasn’t talked to for more than a year. But one fine day he’ll get a working offer his agent will not let him pass: to be companion of a 5-year-old boy to bring him luck in a costume contest at the Amusement Park.  

Director | Co-Producer: Bernabé Rico 

Bernabé Rico alternates his career both in film and theatre, working as a producer and director. In 2009 he founded the production company TalyCual. In film, he’s produced the feature The day out of time (2014), the documentary Morarte, the Tale of an Encounter (2011) and the fiction short films There is no goodbye (2010), Free Kick (2012), Binges (2011), Cowboys (2014) as well as the short doc Premiere (2011), the last four also directed by him. Besides, he has been executive producer of the Webseries Today it could be a great day (2010) and is co-producer of the animated series Art Poetry

Co-Producer: Olmo Figueredo 


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"Eye of India"


Short Documentary  |  Runtime: 3:00

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Synopsis: Eye of India is a visual record of a journey across India that showcases the diverse culture of one of the world’s fastest developing nations.

Director: Benn Berkeley

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