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RIFF Feature Film #2: "Lords of BSV"


Preceded by short film "Small" directed by Charles Frank


Saturday, August 29, 2015

6:00-8:00pm: Screening + Filmmakers Q&A

Hamilton Stage


Rahway International Film Festival Feature Documentary Presentation - "LORDS OF BSV" directed by Maria Soccor.


The screening will be preceded by short film "Small" directed by Charles Frank. Following the feature presentation, there will be a Q&A with the filmmakers & cast.


Join us afterwards for hors d'oeuvres and a cash bar during our Lobby Networking Hour at 8pm.


All festival tickets include free admission to the Saturday Lobby Networking Hour at 8PM, which will serve complimentary hors d'oeuvres and a cash bar. All tickets also include admission to our Opening Night & Closing Night After-Parties, offering a complimentary light buffet and Happy Hour bar pricing. Come join the fun!


10% of ticket proceeds will be donated to the charities "Integrity House" & "National Alliance on Mental Illness".

"Lords of BSV"


Feature Documentary  |  Runtime: 1:18:19

Country of Origin: New Jersey/New York, USA

Language: English


Synopsis: In Bed Stuy, Brooklyn - a natural 'pressure cooker' for emerging talent, George Adams creates a new dance form called, Brukup, whom a group of young men and women follow like a religion. This dance form revived by BSV members Blackie and Poba, has evolved as dancers use the foundation of the Brukup movement to enhance their free form and mutation style of dance. Desperately trying to escape the street life, Brukup is the one thing that keeps them all together and saves them from the tough urban streets of the 'Stuy'. Keeping kids off the streets by showing them how to turn anger into the art of dance, they are a family. They are: The Lords of BSV.

Director | Producer: Maria Soccor (in attendance)

Award winning Actor/Director/Producer/Comic Creator of SPEAR Maria Soccor is demonstrating her talents behind the camera as well as in front of the lens.  In her impressive 17 year career, Soccor's first feature documentary Lords of BSV has been in high demand on film festival circuits and won Best Director of a Feature Documentary at The 2015 Madrid International Film festival.  She has appeared in over eighteen films such as Playmaker of New Orleans opposite of Zoe Saldana, Jersey Justice opposite of Emmy Award winner Blanche Baker, and on TV shows such as K-Ville opposite of Anthony Anderson, the soap opera Another World, and recently, NCIS New Orleans.  Her comic SPEAR will launch at the 2015 New York Comic Con in New York City in October, and her production companies Maria Soccor Productions and Arachnids With Pistolas Productions have been producing feature films and shorts. Maria is a New Jersey native. Contact:





Short Narrative |  Runtime: 11:52

Country of Origin: Massachusetts, USA

Language: English


Synopsis: The lives of an athlete turned caregiver and a recently wheelchair-bound carpenter are woven together in a story about emotional captivity, struggle, and creative escape.


Director: Charles Frank

Charles is new to Brooklyn, NY. He likes to imagine himself sipping coffee in trendy cafes with cuffed jeans and Red Wing boots, typing up wildly creative feature concepts on his Macbook Air. In reality, he spends most of his time anxious and doubtful, hoping his films connect with somebody, somewhere. He's terrified of complacency, and is constantly seeking new ways to push the medium and help empower others to push with him.  

Writer: Kyle Harper

Kyle is a marketer and writer who is passionate about creative projects and the industries that support them, tirelessly in search of a new challenges, new experiences, and new ways to learn. He’s a human who writes things. He also writes about things, around things, for things, and because of things. From branding to marketing and everything in between, he works to develop brand narratives and expand their audiences in ways that matter to real people. 


Co-Producer: Andrew Hutcheson

Andrew has been a storyteller for as long as he can remember, from making films in his backyard as a kid to freelancing in the feature film and commercial world. He now works as the executive producer at Zandrak, a story-driven production house he founded in 2013. At Zandrak he oversees production and attempts to reverse entropy. He’s mostly just interested in doing work that requires figuring out how to get water from a stone. When not making films, Andrew can be found stirring up mischievous concoctions, daydreaming about horror movie scenarios, and getting to know a good book.


Co-Producer: Ginny Kramer

Meet Virginia, the face of “One Mo Ginn” Productions (inside-joke). Raised in the Carolinas and a graduate of Auburn University, Ginny thrives in creative and optimistic environments. Her love of the coast, eye for talent, and spontaneous nature bring an exciting and unique perspective to the production team. Her youngest and only “child” (her fluffball bunny rabbit), Hopson, is often her source of inspiration and laughter. When she's not busy drinking coffee and rockin’ out to Taylor Swift, you're likely to find Ginny dabbling in her artistic side with fashion, photography, and painting.​



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