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Bill Plympton

We are proud to announce that Oscar®-nominated animator BILL PLYMPTON has personally gifted us with his latest animated short to showcase at RFF! "The King of Indie Animation" has chosen to support RFF because he believes in our quest to inspire and celebrate independent artists.​ To check out BILL PLYMPTON's website, click here.

Drunker Than a Skunk
Animation  |  3:30  |  New York, USA  |  2013

Director: Bill Plympton

Oscar® nominated Bill Plympton is considered the King of Indie Animation and is the only person to hand draw an entire animated feature film.


Synopsis: An adaptation of Walt Curtis's poem, "The Time The Drunk Came To Town And Got Drunker Than A Skunk, or So He Thought.", about a Cowboy town that torments the local drunk.



Films to be showcased during Film Competition
(Alphabetical by Title - Not to be shown in this order)

Art of Motion
Documentary  |  4:10  |  London, United Kingdom  |  2013

Director: Rhodri Williams - Rhodri Williams is a filmmaker in his final year at the University of Gloucestershire. Working on anything from animation to documentary, Rhodri is happy to work on anything he gets his hands on. Currently he is project managing his own personal green lit film, “Cadence.”


Synopsis: A documentary which takes a look into the lesser known elements of Parkour, a gymnastic activity which takes place on the streets. Looking away from the flashy flips and moves, it takes a look at the people, communities, and the deeper philosophies behind the activity.


Grandpa's Gift
Animation  |  3:12  |  San Jose, California  |  2012

Director: Daichi Ito - This short animated film was directed by Daichi Ito while he was completing his Master’s in Art/Animation/Illustration at San Jose State University. His fellow students and friends volunteered for the production of the film. Ito placed a special emphasis on the story and the rhythm of the animation. In addition to his film work, Ito is an accomplished artist who employs various media. Ito is particularly skilled at applying new computer technologies to the art world. During his university studies he developed several new computer programs for artists. Adobe Systems eventually patented one of Ito’s painting algorithms. He is currently employed by Adobe Systems as a technical artist. He continues to enjoy computer animation and is working on a new film as a personal project.


Synopsis: ​Kevin is sad because his grandfather has recently passed away.  His grandfather encouraged him and cheered him up every time Kevin felt discouraged.  As the film begins, Kevin remembers how his grandfather used his cane to do tricks.  When Kevin finds his grandfather's cane, something amazing happens.

Happy Hour
Short Narrative  |  18:06  |  Colonia, New Jersey  |  2012

Director: Gina Rodriguez - Gina Rodriguez is the founder, producer, and director of the Rahway Film Festival. She has a background in acting, writing and directing and currently works as the House Manager at Hamilton Stage. She is very excited to share her love of film and art with Rahway.


Synopsis: An unhappy pair of people may be each other's answer to loneliness despite the uncomfortable situation in which they meet.


Animation & Short Narrative  |  6:00  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  2011

Director: Juan Pablo Zaramella - All of Juan Pablo Zaramella's independent shorts have been awarded all around the world. In 2010, Annecy International Animation Festival presented a special program with a selection of his works.


Synopsis: In a world controlled and timed by light, an ordinary man has a plan that could change the natural order of things.


A Message to Mere Mortals
Animation  |  3:58  |  Queensland, Australia  |  2012

Director: David Ridley - David Ridley is an Australian filmmaker. His work has been focused on short comedy films and documentary. He just returned last year from a documentary road trip around Australia to create a virtual timecapsule. More info available at


Synopsis: “How tall are you?” The perennial question asked to the vertically substantive. Here now is the definitive answer in a medley of spoken word poetry, animation, charming wit and witless charm. A group therapy session long overdue. A message to mere mortals.


Mi Ojo Derecho / The Apple of My Eye
Short Narrative  |  13:00  |  Málaga, Spain  |  2012

Director: Josecho de Linares - Degree in Escac (School of Cinema and Audiovisuals of Catalunya) as a director in 2010. That same year he released the film “Puzzled Love,” in which he participated as a director and screenwriter of the fragment “November.” The film was well received at festivals such as San Sebastian, Guadalajara and Nantes. He is currently writing the feature film “The Battle that never Was.” “My Right Eye” is his Final Project in Escac.

Language: Spanish


Synopsis: Zurdo maintained a special relationship with his grandmother. Since he went away to study, they have lost contact. On the last day of summer, Zurdo decides to visit her with the intuition that he might not see her again.


Porque Hay Cosas Que Nunca se Olvidan... / Because There Are Things You Never Forget...
Short Narrative  |  14:00  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  2008

Director: Lucas Figueroa - He studied music at the Laferre Conservatory and cinema at the University of Buenos Aires, earning a degree in Image and Sound. He has filmed in more than 20 countries. He has directed many commercials for both television and cinema. He wrote, directed and produced the “Death Trilogy” (2008). He works for Universal Studios, Fox, Disney, NBC, Hollywood Channel, History Channel, etc. He founded LMF Films, a film production company, located in Madrid.

Language: Italian


Synopsis: Naples, Italy. 1950. Four friends are playing soccer out on the street when their ball is accidentally kicked into the evil old lady´s yard. They´ll never play with their ball again... and for that the revenge will be deadly...


Portrait of an Old Toy Man
Documentary  |  10:56  |  Westfield, New Jersey  |  2012

Director: Andrew Keogh Ruotolo - Born and raised in Union County, Andrew studied film at a small liberal arts school in Los Angeles. After school he returned to NJ (the greatest state in the country) and is interested in telling NJ-centric stories. This film follows a retired toy collector who used to have a shop in Westfield, NJ.


Synopsis: Starting with what might seem like the most basic collecting question - Why do people collect? - "Portrait of an Old Toy Man" follows Will Fiore, retired antique toy dealer, as he reflects on his past and discovers why he spent much of his adult life immersed in the world of antique toys.


Short Narrative  |  10:31  |  Valley Village, California  |  2013

Director: Laura G. Chirinos - Growing up just north of Los Angeles, Laura always loved writing, films, and acting. After receiving her BA in Creative Writing and Modern Literature at the University of California at Santa Cruz, she returned to LA in search of a career in production. She currently works in DI Theatrical post production in Hollywood while still pursuing her dream of being a full time filmmaker.


Synopsis: Luke, immature for his 29 years and sorely lacking in ambition and moral fiber, must meet his maker and face judgement after being processed by an impatient administrator as the world prepares to come to an end.

Romancing with Life
Experimental  |  9:31  |  Edison, New Jersey  |  2012

Director: Nidhi Kathuria - Born and raised in New Delhi, India, Nidhi Kathuria has appreciated and drawn inspiration from Hindi cinema in its many forms. She has writing and directing credits in film and television as well as authored a book of poems. She is currently preparing to direct her first feature, “Rejected,” to be filmed this summer in India.

Language: Hindi


Synopsis: A silent film, inspired by a short story called 'The Little Match Girl' by a Danish poet and author Hans Christian Andersen, is essentially a tribute to legendary Indian actor late Dev Anand, whose songs are used in the background. Romancing with life means when you love your life, you love it despite its many hardships. All by herself, Jia is now at the mercy of the world. Will the universe embrace her?


Thinking About You
Short Narrative  |  19:59  |  Brooklyn, New York  |  2012

Director: Harrison Atkins

Synopsis: Teenage Brandon's telepathy has rendered him a social outcast who must wear a bulbous helmet at all times to prevent his subjectivity from leaking into other peoples' minds. When he meets a new student, Janet, who suffers from the same condition, their love affair is instantaneous and explosive. Sexual and mental experimentations lead to a perfect intimacy, a merging of consciousnesses and memories. But this uncontrollable closeness proves incompatible with the real world, and Brandon must choose between reconciliation with reality and recession into his mind forever.


Documentary  |  7:00  |  Montclair, New Jersey  |  2012

Director: Lindsay Rassman & Tom Mika

Synopsis: An intimate portrait of the Seaside boardwalk post-Hurricane Sandy, from the storm throughout the rebuilding process.


​Voice Over
Short Narrative  |  9:41  |  Madrid, Spain  |  2012

​Director: Martin Rosete - He directed his first 35mm short film, Revolution, aged 21, and won more than 50 awards in international festivals. Martín studied Audiovisual Communication at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid and, later, Directing at the International School of Cinema and Television in Cuba; he was invited to the Talent Campus at the Berlin Festival and studied a Master’s Degree in Directing in New York. After Voice Over, he is now preparing his first feature film in the USA.

Language: French


Synopsis: The French voice of a man jumps from one extreme scene to another, confused by the story which he is trying to tell us. Until he is finally aware of it...



The Youth
Short Narrative  |  5:00  |  North Brunswick, New Jersey  |  2013

Director: Jean Isaacs - Rutgers University student filmmaker who loves turning ideas into reality.


Synopsis: “The Creative Adult Is The Child That Survived”



Music Videos & Trailers to be showcased during our Artist Networking Reception
and separate from Film Competition 

Beautiful Last Hour
Music Video  |  4:00  |  West Orange, New Jersey  |  2013

Director: Daniel Zielyk  |  Assisted By: Frankie Harley (Tank Support)

Description: Hip-Hip music video by 15-year-old filmmaker shot in Newark, NJ and featuring upcoming artist Jay Saint. 


City Kids
Music Video  |  6:05  |  Avenel, New Jersey  |  2011

Director: Ruth Orellana - Ruth J. Orellana is a Master of Arts in Media Studies graduate student from The New School University in New York City. She is the creator of Running 4 First Productions, which collaborates with other production companies to create music videos, web series, as well as short and independent films.


Description: Minio Class's song is the driving force behind the story, pumping anticipation along with the bass and rhythm of the gritty beat. City Kids is an instrumental music video where we find out what can happen when two rival boxers agree to settle their beef in the ring.


Did You Hear About Jerry?
Music Video  |  5:20  |  Copertino, Italy  |  2013

Director: Hermes Mangialardo - Hermes Mangialardo was born in 1975 in Copertino, a little town in the south of Italy. After a childhood with a passion for Italian comics and Japanese cartoons, and after some graphic [design] experiences, in 2001 he started to produce his animations. In the last years he has developed many clips and animations, and won many prizes, like the MTV Flash Awards at Hamburg Bitfilm Festival, the Giffoni music Concept for the best animation video clip, the first prize at Independent Film Festival in Florida, special jury prize at I’VE SEEN FILM FESTIVAL, the first prize at Camper Walking Contest in Barcelona, the Italian Window at Resfest and more.


Description: In a smoky jazz club, three gangsters break in looking for Jerry, but with the help of music and a little bit of magic powder, the dangerous situation become a party!


The Great Escape
Music Video & Animation  |  3:55  |  Copertino, Italy  |  2013

Director: Hermes Mangialardo

Description: The snow is falling in the big city and someone is stealing something precious from the museum. What will it be? And how will he escape?


I Know
Music Video  |  3:40  |  Copertino, Italy  |  2013

Director: Hermes Mangialardo

Description: A love story of two boys, separated by a ravine. Will they be able to overcome this unbridgeable distance?


Making Macarony
Documentary  |  5:47  |  Fort Lee, New Jersey  |  2009

Director: Peter Macaluso

Description: A look into independent film production company, Macarony Productions. President Peter Macaluso tries to explain why Macarony exists and where he hopes to lead it.


Near Fall
Feature Trailer  |  2:53  |  Fort Lee, New Jersey  |  2012

Director: Peter Macaluso

Description: The concept trailer of an hour-long drama in development titled "Near Fall". The show revolves around a small Division I wrestling program and the people intimately involved with the team.


Working Man Blues
Music Video & Animation  |  5:10  |  Copertino, Italy  |  2011

Director: Hermes Mangialardo

Description: The grey work in a steel workshop becomes funny and colorful after the arrival of a “strange” band.


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