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Union County Performing Arts Center at Rahway, NJ provides us with our home at Hamilton Stage for the Performing Arts.​ The Union County Performing Arts Center provides exciting live performances that are educational, affordable and responsive to the diverse interests of our communities. With four performance spaces (Mainstage, Hamilton Stage, The Fazioli Room, and The Loft), UCPAC is dedicated to making Rahway the choice for the performing arts - for education, inspiration, and entertainment. To check out UC PAC's website, click here!​




Central Jersey Indie Film is a not-for-profit organization focused on building the filmmaking community in New Jersey. We do this by means of organizing networking events, workshops, film screenings, contests, and film project. We also work to promote outside productions and other film-related events that benefit filmmaking in New Jersey. To check out Central Jersey Indie Film's website, click here!​




First Frame Films is a production/design company based in Roselle, New Jersey and Brooklyn, New York, made up of an eclectic group of independent writers, producers, directors, actors, and artist who share a passion in creating meaningful work that moves, entertains, & educates audiences. To check out First Frame Film's website, click here!​




Mr. B Printing is a printing and graphic design company based in Rahway, New Jersey and the paper and printing supplier for Rahway International Film Festival 2014. To check out Mr. B Printing's website, click here!​




Many thanks to everyone who supported us and helped our small festival grow. 

Without your support, we would not have been able to continue to work on this labor of love and our gift to the community.


Special thanks to Larry McCullough and the entire staff of the Union County Performing Arts Center & Hamilton Stage for giving us a home.


Special thanks to Mayor Samson Steinman, Jorge Casalins, Cindy Solomon, and the City of Rahway for embracing Rahway International Film Festival as part of the community.


Special thanks to Cheryl Smythe and the Rahway Chamber of Commerce for helping to get us on our feet in Rahway.


Special thanks to Rick Sordelet for your endless support and mentorship.


Special thanks to Francesca Rizzo for being a great role model

and for your guidance and wisdom.


Special thanks to Rachael Fallaice of Rahway Arts District for

your advice and partnership as Rahway’s Own.



JT Maguire of Central Jersey Indie Film

Jose Rodriguez

Joseph Eulo of First Frame Films

Karen Campbell

Sondra Fishinger



Adam Neal

Adam Perabo

Adriana Rivera

Albert Koleba

Alexandra Bergen

Alex Paulino

Ana Montes

Andrea Caleiro

Andrea Moore

Ann Marie Miller of Art Pride NJ

Brian Borja

Colleen Antonucci

Daniel Ferreira

Dennis Comella

Dominick Bagnato

Eric Ignacio

Eugene Kim

Forrest Temple

Gretel Espina

Gustavo Pereyra of Red Amber Photography

JD Hartman

Jean Kuc

Jennifer Heyrosa

Jessica Schott

Joe Mancuso

Joe Skelly

Johnathan Morel

Jorrel Ignacio

Joseph Rodriguez

Katherine Fleming

Kimberly Boyko

Lena Grotticelli

Lilly Boruszkowski

Loren Cherensky

Lori Roper

Maggie Rowe

Mark Singh

Matthew Herron

Melodie Singh

Mike Cummings

Mike Smanko

Nicole Dixon

Nidhi Kathuria

Phil Eichinger

Pradeep Vasireddi

Raymond Capiral

Sarah Dubinsky

Scott Gratien

Steven Holloway

Susan Ignacio

Thomas Partyka

Tia Taylor

Tim O'Neill

Vanessa Merker

William Balogh



Colleen Antonucci

Alexandra Bergen

Lilly Boruszkowski

Raymond Capiral

Loren Cherensky

Dennis Comella

JD Hartman 

Eugene Kim

Jean Kuc

JT Maguire

Andrea Moore

Gustavo Pereyra of Red Amber Photography

Adriana Rivera

Joseph Rodriguez

Lori Roper

Mike Smanko

Tia Taylor






Edward Atkin

Joy Atkin

Jerri Buckley

Rich DelNero

Marge Gray

Leela Greenhouse

Carol Hartner

Debbie Partesi

Bernadette Pryor

Richard Seissel



Our 2014 Indiegogo campaign ran from February 18, 2014 - April 19, 2014 and raised $1,700 thanks to everyone's support! All proceeds went directly towards production costs for that year's festival. A big thanks to all who donated!

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